We create happiness

One postcard at a time


Spread Love and Positivity

Experience the gift of giving and the pleasure of receiving with us. The right message lights up, warms hearts and can even change someones course.


Dreams and goals

14 Positive reminders to tell you that You matter!
Your love matters! Your ideas matter!
Your dreams matter!
Our postcards inspire to keep dreams alive and goals on the agenda.


Choose - send - connect

You have the real power. The thought and effort that go into writing, hanging or sending our postcards are what make them really powerful. Choose, send and connect. The world needs all the beautiful moments it can get.


FSC certified paper

We print and try to choose our paper wisely. Everything used for cards and envelopes is fsc-certified.


Mindful wrapping

We are also mindful of our wrapping. No plastic is used and all wrapping is made from recycled brown paper.


World wide shipping

Free shipping on NL orders from 27,-
Free shipping on EU orders from 47,-
Free shipping on WW orders from 67,-
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